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- Granna I
I have neck issues. I have spent lots of money over the years on pillows. This one took a few nights and some removing of fluff. But it's great now! With the curve shape it fits my shoulders side sleeping or back!

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Best sleep in YEARS

Best sleep I’ve ever had! Well worth the price tag too. I was spending way more on other pillows trying to find the perfect one, and they would all fall flat within a week. I’m obsessed with the curved edge of this pillow. I’m a major side sleeper and this was a game changer for sure. I recommend this to everyone who will listen to me talk about a pillow 😆

Nicole J.

Neck issues be gone!

This pillow has made my sleep more comfortable immediately! One week in and I have not woke up with a sore neck. It really has made just a difference. I love how you can adjust for firmness too. I recommend this product to the side sleepers of the world!

McKaela F.

I can’t sleep on hotel pillows now...

I never used to be super picky about my pillows, but this pillow has ruined all others for me. Now I’m that person that has to figure out how to strategically pack so this pillow will fit in my overnight bag! I didn’t take any filling out. It was perfect right out of the box!

Ahna S.

Best pillow ever

This pillow has changed my life! I never realized how much a pillow could affect your sleep until using Zoey. I’m a chiropractor and have been looking for a pillow that is firm enough for your head, but also comfortable and provides good neck support. I will be suggesting this pillow to all of my patients from now on! The very first night I slept straight through without tossing and turning like I usually do. You have a customer for life!

Hannah I.


I consider myself a pillow connoisseur, and have been on the hunt for the perfect pillow. This pillow is amazing. You can adjust the firmness but we chose to keep them as is because it just melts around you so perfectly! The king size is big enough to support my back, too, when I sleep on my side. I cant say enough about this pillow. Thank you!!

Heather M.

Wow! Just wow!!

I really never thought there would be a morning I could wake up without a stiff, cricked neck. I am a side and stomach sleeper and wow this does the trick to keep me cool and comfortable all night. No sore neck, no pain when I get up, and the best sleep I’ve ever had. I really like that I can adjust the density by removing or adding back the filler to tailor it to my sleeping needs. And the shape of the pillow really allows me to nestle up and support my neck and shoulder as I side sleep. Hands down the best pillow ever!

Briana A.

Zoey Sleep Pillow Overview

Meet The Doctor

Dr. Frisbee believes in the power of sleep and the wellness revolution. “Most of my clients who come to me are stressed and living a hectic pace of life, and unfortunately this pace of life is damaging their quality of life.”

“The truth is, pillows should be just the right size for each individual,” Dr. Frisbee further explains, “having the correct pillow is essential to achieving the best night of sleep.

  • Zero Risk - All pillows come with a 5-year warranty and a 100-day free trial.
  • Certipur-us & Oeko Certified - No toxins or dangerous chemicals. Safe for the whole family.
  • Easy Care - Outer pillowcase is removable and machine washable.
  • Fully Adjustable - Remove or add memory foam to suit your sleep position and pillow loft.
  • Breathable - Lyocell fibers are made from sustainable woods like Eucalyptus, Oak and Birchwood to enhance the breathability of the fabric and give a soft touch to the skin.
  • Moisture Control & Thermal Regulation - The Performance Polyester Fiber ensures undisturbed sleep, despite fluctuations in body temperature.

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