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- Granna I
I have neck issues. I have spent lots of money over the years on pillows. This one took a few nights and some removing of fluff. But it's great now! With the curve shape it fits my shoulders side sleeping or back!

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Designed for Side Sleepers

For folks who sleep on one shoulder, this unique butterfly shaped pillow for side sleepers offers just the right amount of firmness to fill the space between your neck and head allowing you to sleep more comfortably. Constructed with shredded memory foam that’s 100% Certipur-US certified, hypoallergenic and designed to stay firm, the interior molds to the contours of your neck minimizing your aches and soreness in the morning. You can remove some of the filling to customize its loft. This pillow also has a Lyocell cover that is airy, breathable and machine-washable too.

Neck Support

The uniquely curved design of our shredded memory foam pillow contours to your shoulder, centering your head on the pillow. The curved design accommodates any size shoulder providing firm yet soft support and relieving you of any neck pressure and pain you may get from sleeping. The Zoey Curve fits snugly in against your chin and neck, without cramping your neck whatsoever.

Meet The Doctor

Dr. Frisbee believes in the power of sleep and the wellness revolution. “Most of my clients who come to me are stressed and living a hectic pace of life, and unfortunately this pace of life is damaging their quality of life.”

“The truth is, pillows should be just the right size for each individual,” Dr. Frisbee further explains, “having the correct pillow is essential to achieving the best night of sleep.


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