5 Bonding Activities To Do at Home With Kids During the Holidays

5 Bonding Activities To Do at Home With Kids During the Holidays

The holidays are upon us, and it seems that not much has changed since last year. Your family is probably planning to spend the holidays at home like many others, so why not make it the best you’ve ever had? Here are five fun bonding activities to do at home with kids during the holidays:

  1. Family game night.

Have a fun family game night at home to de-stress and connect. Up for a competitive brain bender? Try charades, board games or those giant jigsaw puzzles. If you're into something more physical and active, indoor bowling, golf and hide-and-seek never get old.

  1. Movie night.

The holidays mean chilling...Netflix and chilling, that is. Schedule a movie night (or a movie week) with the works: Cuddle up in blankets with hot cocoa and popcorn, and watch family-friendly holiday films. Let your kids pick their fave flick to make it special. We love must-see classics like Rudolph, Home Alone, and Elf.


  1. Holiday bake-off/cook-off.


Make your holiday extra special with a family bake-off or cook-off. Don the aprons and go to town with gingerbread cookie houses, a hot chocolate buffet, and other yummy seasonal munchies. Even younger children can join in on the fun--let them decorate cookies and lick the bowl.


  1. Backyard camping.


Still stuck at home this year because of the pandemic? Why not take the kids on a camping trip...to the backyard? This bonding activity is cheap, fun, and takes practically no prep time. Grab your tents, comfy blankets, pillows (our Curve pillow is perfect for side sleepers), and enjoy the slumber party staycation.


  1. Build a blanket fort.


It's the most wonderful time of the year to build forts and bond with your kids (perfect if you have younger children). Our weighted blanket is prime fort-building material with its cozy, breathable fabric and evenly distributed weight. Don't be surprised if your kids spend the night in the fort!