Energy-Boost Morning Workout

Energy-Boost Morning Workout

Tired and sleepy in the afternoon? This quick and easy workout is what you need to zap the zzz's and boost energy.

1. Triangle Pose. The triangle pose is a foundational pose that stretches the hips, hamstring, and groin while opening up your chest and shoulders. This pose also improves balance and stability.

2. Backbend. Jumpstart your circulation and stretch your upper body with a simple backbend (can be done sitting or standing). This pose lets you open up tense shoulder and back muscles.


3. Lateral bend. The lateral bend is similar to the back bend but on the side. It stretches overlooked muscles and gets the blood flowing to your arms and sides.


4. Seated twist. Keep your ab muscles strong and help digestion with a seated twist. This easy pose works your spine and many core muscles to energize and calm.


5. Wide-legged forward pose. Finish off your morning routine with a wide-legged forward pose that calms the nervous system while keeping you awake.